Our Team

Travis Bowman

Executive Director
(704) 728–5800

Prior to founding EnviroWorkshops, Travis Bowman represented a range of remediation and air emissions technologies including chemical oxidation, bioremediation, metals stabilization, bioaugmentation, surfactants, trona, and many others.

He hosted the first Remediation Workshop in 2013 and it quickly grew across the US as more sponsors got involved. He then launched a couple of Air Quality Workshops for the utility market, and there has been discussion of Waste Water or Corrosion Workshops in the future. Travis works with his team to coordinate the locations, speakers, and exhibitors for the hosts across the globe.

Aside from managing the EnviroWorkshops, Travis is also an emcee for the largest remediation conference on the east coast called RE3 Conference.

Travis is also an author, actor, and film producer focused primarily on preserving his ancestor’s story from the American Revolutionary War. He’s married & loves spending time with his family. Learn more at www.travisbowman.com.

Stephanie Garrett

Operations Manager
(704) 962–5504

Stephanie has nearly twenty years helping small start-up businesses reach 100%+ growth capacity and productivity in the Charlotte, NC area by promoting, marketing, leading, creating and managing teams, processes and systems within the mental health care industry, church ministries, IT consulting services & fundraising companies. She enjoys contributing to the success of a company through her friendly and stellar customer service.

Relaxing with friends and family and hosting a great dinner party with good conversation and a bold cabernet makes her the happiest. She is always ready for a good movie, reality TV binge watching night and a day out with her husband and 2 amazing children.

Rosanne Moore

Marketing Assistant

Utilizing her experience as a writer, editor, reading instruction specialist, language arts tutor, speaker and social media marketer, Rosanne Gridley is skilled at honing a message that connects effectively with the specific needs of her audience. She has run her own small business, worked for several mission organizations and also currently serves part-time as a spiritual director.

Rosanne is the homeschooling mother of 4 awesome kids who continually amaze, amuse and humble her. She enjoys honest friends who are both hilarious and wise, snuggly cats and a good book on a rainy day.

Faith Brooks

Event Coordinator

Faith’s organizational inclinations and have been showcased through her experience in non-profit organizations, service projects, and mission trips.

Faith also attends Regent University in pursuit of an International Studies major. Through her pursuit of this major, she will be able to communicate more effectively her passions as well as be skilled in the business and politics behind decision making.